ModMaster Software

Greater Insight for Significant Savings

ModMaster is ratings analysis software by Zywave that provides insights into payroll class code assignments.  The software analyzes insured parties’ losses and compares them to expected losses for individual payroll class codes.

Using ModMaster, insured parties can see their loss histories and compare these histories to the histories of their peers.  The data that users see break down claims on primary & excess and are shown in graphs of loss trends and other visualizations.  Essentially, the software highlights savings opportunities for users by demonstrating how users can control ‘experience modification factors (mods).’ 


ModMaster provides insights down to minute details, including premium costs of workers’ comp claims, cost drivers, and trends.  It provides strategies that help us lower mods and deliver long-term cost reductions. 


At United Prairie Insurance, we know that time is money.  This is one reason why we have begun using ModMaster.  The insights that this software provides help us deliver greater, more accurate solutions.  These solutions help you reduce costs.  


If you have questions or would like more information on how to use ModMaster, please contact us.    


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